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Hello donkey

The team at Hello Donkey understands the fit between TV and Gaming and are not afraid to explore content ideas that work in both. This is the essence of the partner relationship between Hello Donkey and PrimeTime Play. Together we are exploring opportunities for TV and video content development that work across TV, digital and gaming. This combination of knowledge and skills permits us to devise concepts that are truly 360 as well as being compelling, immersive and interactive on every level.  

Whilst the ultimate aim of the partnership would be to develop a new mainstream TV format or even channel that extends into all forms of gaming, we are exploring a range of large and small content opportunities with key players in both TV and gaming. 

Led by experienced TV executives, Rob Walker and David Sankey, Hello Donkey create bold, dynamic and entertaining multi-platform content. They push boundaries and offer viewers and users engaging experiences time after time.  


Rob’s background is in Production.  Over the years’ he has produced programmes including, E! News Asia, BAFTA Live From The Red Carpet, Celebrity Wish List, Vernon Kay’s Gameshow Marathon and Soapstar Superstar. 


David comes from a background in Development and has held a host of roles over the years. Most notably In-House Entertainment Editor for the BBC, Head of Entertainment at Eyeworks, and Head of Development at Whizz Kid Entertainment and Talent TV. His development work includes, Popstars, Pop Idol, Animal Honours with Paul O’Grady, You Be The Judge, Timeline and Swap Team.


David and Rob are supported by Nicola Ibison in a non-executive capacity.  Nicola runs her own consultancy, Ibison Talent and spent 6 years at one of the UK’s leading talent agencies, James Grant Management, where she headed up the Factual, Specialist and Sports Media departments. She has excellent contacts in the TV, media and publishing industries.


Contact us to find out more about our services for TV and Video Content Development in collaboration with Hello Donkey. 

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