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Fundamental VR

In collaboration, PrimeTime Play and Fundamental VR are exploring opportunities for TV and gaming within virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Technology has driven many advancements in gaming and video content consumption in the last decade and together, we believe that VR, AR and MR can provide meaningful and deeper engagement for players and viewers.  

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality is changing the way people interact with each other, with brands and with businesses. Fundamental VR help businesses to harness and leverage this opportunity, providing strategic support to help map your journey into VR, MR and AR. Their production, creative and programming resource delivers impactful virtual experiences and their IP lab builds cutting edge platforms and technology to accelerate time to market.


Their specialist teams have unparalleled experience developing solutions ranging from recorded and live immersive 360° video for use in cardboard and on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook through to full haptic training experiences within virtual reality through Rift, Vive and HoloLens.


They work with all the major mobile and tethered headset solutions to author compelling, unique VR content. They have been developing new haptic interfaces to bring touch to the VR space through their platform FreeRealVR.


Using the very latest HoloLens devices, they are building business solutions through mixed reality for medical training and procedures, workplace collaboration tools and education training.  Gaming and TV implementations will be a focus for the partnership between PrimeTime Play and Fundamental VR.

Contact us to find out more about our services for virtual, augmented and mixed reality in collaboration with Fundamental VR.

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